Items you should keep in your car

If one was to sit down and actually think about how much time ones spends in the car it would be an astronomical amount.


Not only does a car take our kids to school, us to work but they also take us 100s of miles exploring and going on holidays. You get several types of car people, some that are prepared for everything ( their cars are usually clutters), ones that believe you should never eat or drink and a car and others that just use the car as is.


With this said there are usually several items that you should definitely carry in your car. These items are usually there to assist you in emergencies or in times of need.

The number one thing that should be in your car with you all the time is obviously your driver’s license. If you are involved in an accident people need to be able to identify you if you are unconscious or you need to be able to exchange details in the event of a fender bender.


Then there are items you need in case of emergencies such as an EDC Knife ( Usually an items like a leatherman that can be kept in the cubby-hole, a first aid/medical kit and a flashlight. These items will allow you to assist someone else. If you are travelling it also means you will be prepared in camping scenarios for small scratches and nicks. In this list should be a window breaker ( they are about $6 on amazon and can easily be stored) as well as a seatbelt cutter. You can very easily make up a small Emergency kit where all items are together in one place. Some people would say you should keep a gun too but I am not keen on this as our children travel in our car and I feel that this is an accident waiting to happen.


I always found it perplexing that my far always had water in his car. I have come to learn that this is an essential items. Not only does your car require water but again, if you break down you need to make sure you can at least stay hydrated while waiting for help. As a standard we keep 2 liters of water in our car.

Next on the list are jumper leads. You never know when you might come across someone who needs a jump start or heaven forbid, you need a jump start.

A Cell phone charger is another items to have. Your phone can be used to call for help and provides direction which brings us to the very last item that you should carry,

A Map – Yes you read correctly, the old school paper kind. Phones are essential for the modern world but that can also be unreliable. They break, restart, can run flat or get damaged due to water. Having a map in your car ensures that you will always be able to find your way back home or to a hospital.

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